Our Adult karate classes offer the most advanced form of martial arts. Our adults have the opportunity to learn the armed and unarmed self-defense tactics, used by law enforcement and military today. The adult karate classes taught at Ocala Karate Dojo can help students make improvements in many areas of their lives. Along with better fitness, students can learn a better sense of self-discipline along with effective self-defense techniques that can ward off danger.

Ocala Adult Karate ClassesAdult karate is highly beneficial for weight loss and enhanced muscle tone. Cardiovascular fitness and energy levels can also be improved by taking part in our classes. Learning the proper fighting techniques will further enhance flexibility, balance and coordination. Karate can also be beneficial for trained athletes in their sporting activities and help them reach new athletic heights. Best of all, our adult karate classes provide a more fun and appealing option to working out in a regular gym.

Our students learn how to defend themselves using only the necessary amount of force. This can give our students a sense of empowerment and enable them to feel securer in all types of environments. We believe that it is a human right for everyone to learn how to take control over their lives and protect themselves against dangerous individuals.

Sharper mental focus is another skill our students obtain when they attend our classes. This improved mental focus may help in job performance and other areas of personal and professional life. Every skill takes a high of degree of concentration to master, and we encourage everyone to fully invest themselves into learning each technique during their time with us.

The instructors who lead our classes know how to work with students of all experience and fitness levels. Each student is encouraged to learn and progress at his or her own pace, and we are always willing to help anyone who might be having trouble grasping a particular concept. We also work hard to ensure the safety of everyone who chooses to study with us.

We provide a safe and supportive environment for all our students to learn. The importance of mutual respect among our students and instructors is strongly emphasized at our dojo. Our classes are suitable for both men and women. Come in and experience the first adult karate class for free.

Classes are 6:30 p.m. Monday and Wednesday.