Authentic Karate and Kobudo as it was taught for centuries enforcing  Morals and Values, finding ones own weaknesses and conquering them.

Authentic Karate is an education in behavior, and how to respond to it. A Behavioral Science going far beyond the typical kicking and punching. Conditioning your mind and body to respond in unison with  co-ordinated reactions.

At the Ocala Karate Dojo its members have the rare opportunity to train with Grand Masters, and Legends from Okinawa & Japan the birthplace of Karate, Kobudo, & Iaido. At our Dojo as well as Japan and Okinawa with our yearly trips to the orient.

The Ocala Karate Dojo Offers

The Moste complete Martial Arts Instruction available “Anywhere” by Master Instructor Bill Woodard with his 40 years of experience.

It is a sad fact that most martial arts schools are here today and gone tomorrow, the Ocala Karate Dojo is celebrating it’s 25th year serving the families of Marion and surrounding counties.

Professional Instruction:

Karate is an ancient form of self defense that originated in Okinawa over a century ago from the ancient art of TE, to allow the peaceful island people to defend aginst invaders from the sea. Real Karate is not watered down or blended. It is preserved in the original form. It deals with attacks from armed as well as unarmed opponents. Very quick and evasive with fluidity of movement and powerful technique.

At Karate Dojo we teach AUTHENTIC KARATE. The Instructors have gone to great lengths to assure the members are taught accurate, and complete Karate. These Instructors travel to Japan and Okinawa  to continue to train and teach this ancient art in it’s original form.

Membership Programs:

All classes are overseen by Bill Woodard (8th Degree Black Belt). Hanshi Woodard has 4 decades of experience in the Martial Arts along with a Masters Teaching Licenses directly from the Japan Headquarters. He has trained in Japan and Okinawa, He is also one of the highest ranking Instructors in the United States. He has taught and advanced many of the area’s instructors along with instructors from around the globe.

At the Ocala Karate Dojo each member is taught as an individual. There is never any pressure to keep up with a group or another student. Our Programs are designed to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Group & Private Classes available. Please, stop in for a personal interview with Hanshi Woodard. He will set up a program that is just right for you.

There are Programs for: Men * Women * Children * Families

Dojo Training Schedule:

4:30 pm
5:30 pm
6:30 pm